7 Most Beautiful Places in Iran: The Land Of Fables 2022


Hey, do you love historical places? Really, who man doesn’t love it! now I am going to explain about some places that consist of ancient archaeology. yes, you think right! Those are the most beautiful places in Iran. Iran is a country full of ancient civilizations and historical traditions. That is why this country is known as the cradle of civilization. If you want to travel to Middle Eastern countries, you must visit this country.

You can further expand the scope of your knowledge by traveling here. Due to the beautiful architecture and hospitality of the country, this country is very popular and an interesting place for those who are thirsty for travel. listed here are the best tourist places in Iran. I think it will be helpful for your travel. Have a look.

Most Beautiful Places in Iran for 2022

The rundown

Iran is truly a beautiful place, there are many cities and architecture to visit that will attract you. We have selected the most famous destinations in Iran from all those places. Take a look at them.

  1. Tehran
  2. Tabriz
  3. Esfahan
  4. Shiraz
  5. Yazd
  6. Kashan
  7. Ahvaz

Tehran is one of the top places to visit in Iran ‍and that is a very busy city. because this city is the capital of Iran. It is located against the Alborz mountains. 

The city has built a bridge between ancient and modern architecture or culture. The city has built a bridge between ancient and modern architecture or culture. All these beautiful architectures will attract any traveler.

There are many interesting places in Tehran, we are mentioning three of the most beautiful places. If you are staying in Tehran for a day, visit all these places.


Golestan palace is one of the most beautiful places in Iran. if you go to Tehran for travel then One of the top things to do in Tehran is to visit the most grandiose historical monument in town ⁠— the UNESCO site of Golestan Palace. between 1789 and 1925 This majestic complex was used as a residence by the Qajar kings of Iran. Here all architectures are a combination of ancient Persian and contemporary European architectural styles.

17 structures, lots of spectacular halls, chambers, museums, and gardens all together make Gulistan Palace. You can easily spend half a day visiting all things in these places. However, this place is not like Venice because there are many canals in Venice that you will not find here.


Among the sights is the Azadi Tower, one of the most famous sights in Tehran, which contains the history of Iran. It was designed in 1971 as a tribute to the 2,500th anniversary of the Persian Empire. 

it stands with 165ft tower on a 540,000sq ft (50,000sq meter) cultural complex and it is clad in 8000 blocks of  white marble from Isfahan


 Iran’s crowded capital contains many impressive religious architectures well worth a visit. Imamzadeh Saleh Majar is situated in the northern district of Tajrish in the Shemiranat neighborhood and this stands as the resting place of Saleh, he is the son of Musa Al-Kadhem the seventh Shia Imam.

It is known from history that, The original monument was constructed in the early 12th century AD. but The Majar was destroyed during the Mongol attack of Ray around 1238 AD. After that, during the Ilkhanids period in the year 1321, it was reconstructed and restored. 

There are also a number of museums to visit, as well as a sip of smoked coffee in the evening. And if you want to walk very close to the city, then the two interesting places are Tochal and Darband. It is one of the best tourist places in Iran.

best places to stay in :

Tehran city: Taj Mahal Hotel, Parsian Evin Hotel Espinas Palace Hotel,

There have we suggested to you the most beautiful places in Iran. without these places, there has also attractive destinations. so you should find that on google.

If you like historic places you have to go to Iran, but if you want to enjoy your sea travel just you can go to cox’s Bazar, which is located in Bangladesh.


We have gathered the most asked FAQs from your soul and now we are going to show them with proper answers.

  • Where are the most beautiful places in Iran?

Tehran, Tabriz, Esfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Yazd, Kashan, Ahvaz, that’s all are very Places of interest in Iran. that’s country is one of the most beautiful countries in middle Asia. if you want to see this you have to go to Iran for travel. Because there are beautiful places spread all over Iran.

  • Is Iran a beautiful country in the world?

Of course, Iran is a beautiful country in the world. Because Iran is called the cradle of civilization. Which is not found in any other country in the world.

  • Which is the most beautiful place in Iran?

I think if I travel to Iran my first choice will be Tehran to hang out. Tehran has a huge destination for tourists, especially The Golestan Palace, also called the “Palace of flowers” it’s located in Tehran. 

  • What is the most beautiful place to travel to in Iran?

Golestan Palace, Azadi Tower,  Imamzadeh Saleh majar, all are very good destination for all travelars. Without this, there has a huge place that is surrounded by history. You can use the best packable duffel bag to make your journey easier when you travel to these places. 

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