Importance of Visiting Historical Places: 6 Best tips for 2022


objectives of visiting historical places are exploring new things or knowledge from old cultures. For this, every educated person and student goes to these cultural places. So we can tell undoubtedly, every people should travel. Most famous traveler Ibn battuta said, “traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

In this article, you will know about the Importance of visiting historical places for students ‍and general people. And at the same time, we will tell the story of a visit to a place of historical importance. Which will give you a new experience.

Some Importance of Visiting Historical Places

  1. Historical visits help us learn new knowledge from there.
  2. That’s progress in your learning capacity—especially when you visit a very old Historical destination.
  3. Kids increase their learning skills when they visit a historical site.
  4. Travel also helps in exploring new things. This is also one good way to spend time with your loved ones.
  5. Travel to historical places Strengthens the local economies of that country.
  6. Strengthens own identity and creates a perception

A visit to a place of historical importance: Michael Madhusudan Dutta

I love visiting places of historical importance not only because they give me a sense of connection to the past but also because the places have a lot of stories to tell. The stories are all over – one should read them, listen to them,  absorb them – without being judgmental since the reality of the lives of people who existed then cannot be likened to our lives today. 

Last month I visited Keshobpur of Jessor in Bangladesh and a few other places in the Jessore. So I want to share with you my visiting experience now. It is worth mentioning that we bought a duffel bag before moving here. You can also collect for your trip if you want.

The narrow path from Jessore city to Sagardari (House of Mical Madhusudan Datta) via Keshabpur, rows of palm trees on both sides, and open fields can be seen by looking left and right through the gaps in the trees, Where the harvested smoke is going on at the end of the season.

It took a while to understand when I reached the house of the poet to see the form of this nature for the Pleasant environment, When did I arrive! Standing in the yard of the famous Dutt family in Sagardari village, I was thinking, this is where the father of modern Bengali literature was born in 1824. That’s when the roar of joy comes to mind. That was a different feeling that I cannot understand.

When I entered Poet’s house, it was 12:30. Numerous mango and jackfruit trees and various forest trees were seen. Our first mission on this hot afternoon was to eat mangoes from Kabir Mango Tree. Mission Success, The taste is like the poetry of a poet.

Sunlight cannot penetrate through the tree canopy. It is also difficult to understand when the mind gets lost in the chirping of all kinds of birds in this solitary and shady environment. Besides, we are fascinated by the sight of various shrubs and leafy flowers along the banks of Shanbandha pond. The combination of Kabir Kachari Ghar and the surrounding leafy flower trees has made the environment a sight to behold.

The river Kopotaksh comes first to remember Michael’s seashore. Because the house of the poet is on the bank of this river which is directly connected to the Bay of Bengal. The river that the poet came back to after his departure from the country in anger with his father, the river is known by the name of the Kopotaksh.

The river still has that memorial ghat. However, the flow of the river associated with the poet’s memory is no more. Most of the rivers are now fish farming projects. Kabir’s house is preserved by the special initiative of the government.

The post bungalow of the district council, Sagdari tourist center, and Madhusudan museum has been built around Madhusudan. Besides, the almond tree and the farewell ghat, which are intertwined with the poet’s memory, are constantly attracting tourists.

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Importance of visiting historical places for students

  • when a student visits a historical place, that helps him to develop a deeper knowledge of the people and the places which can help one structure society today. 
  • Traveling to historical destinations helps a Student have a wider knowledge base which can help them investigate and explore for themselves.
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