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My name is Allie G. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a southern girl through and through, and I cannot imagine living anywhere that is not warm most of the year, but that does not stop me from exploring so many other places. Although I work full time, exploring the cities I have lived in as well as the others I have only visited is truly a passion of mine. is a blog about being a woman of color exploring the world. I love sharing my experiences and all of the new spaces and places that I have visited because I want to encourage other women to get out and travel and share their experiences.

One Day Trip to Mt. St. Helen

If you are visiting the pacific northwest you have to take a one-day trip to the most infamous active volcano in the United States of America. Responsible for one of the most devastating eruptions in history Mt. St. Helen is…

The 10 Best Things To Do In Costa Rica Rio Perdido in 2022

things to do in costa rica rio perdido

Costa Rica is the best strikingly diverse terrain. Amazing forests, wildlife reserves, and beautiful awesome beaches. Every traveler will enjoy it. I think Beach seekers staying along the Pacific Coast should head to the Nicoya Peninsula’s palm-fringed coastline for the…