Most amazing Ionian Islands Corfu in Greece for 2022


One of Greece’s most popular holiday destinations for those who are thirsty for travel. Corfu is an island in the Ionian Sea known for its spectacular sandy beaches, cosmopolitan Old Town, and beautiful landscapes. 

All-time Ionian Islands Corfu is known as a Quiet place. Holidays on Corfu are also eminent for the food – with many cultures. Let’s we are talking about Corfu frankly.


Top 10 Corfu Ionian Islands Greece

Top 6 Corfu Ionian Islands Greece

  1. Paleokastritsa beach
  2. Agios Gordios beach
  3. Myrtiotissa beach
  4. Rovinia beach
  5. Bataria Kassiopi beach
  6. Kavos beach

Corfu Ionian Islands Greece

Paleokastritsa beach

Paleokastritsa Corfu Paleokastritsa is arguably the most famous graphic vill of the islet of Corfu located 23 km northwest of Corfu Town. Paleokastritsa is the most famous and even most picturesque beach resort on Corfu Island. you can visit by boat around Paleokastritsa. The word Paleokastritsa literally means old fort.

Paleokastritsa offers a plethora of original taverns overlooking the blue bay and six flaxen and pebbled strands which are scattered each around the area. Those strands are girdled by olive tree timbers creating dramatic yet beautiful decor. without this, there have Diving Club, Sandy, Family Friendly, Well-Organized, Watersports

The main sand of Paleokastritsa is relatively small but extremely known for its cold waters and pleasurable terrain. It’s considered one of the stylish strands in the Greek islets. The area offers some excellent ocean views. It’s girdled by numerous bars and taverns thus it’s infrequently quiet during the day. 

Best Hotels in Paleokastritsa for 2022

  • Akrotiri Beach Hotel
  • Fundana Villas
  • Ipsia Apartments

Agios Gordios beach

Agios Gordios Corfu It’s one of the most popular strands of Corfu and you know the name of this beach taken from the church of Agios Gordios located literally on the ocean, at the center of the sand. The beautiful creek is nestled amongst the lush green mountain girdled by stations, olive tree timbers, and emotional jewels.

Agios Gordios Beach is located 16 km southwest of Corfu Town

To reach the sand of Agios Gordios you pass through a beautiful road full of stations and high olive trees. Once you reach the sand you’ll meet the plenitude of excursionist installations to enjoy a comfortable sunbathing. 

This is the main feature of this island: Sandy, Family Friendly, Well-Organized. With its important structure and beautiful geography, Agios Gordios offers the ideal summer destination.

Best Hotels in Agios Gordios for 2022

  • Corfu The Pink Palace Beach Resort
  • Stevens On The Hill
  • Infinity Villa

Myrtiotissa beach

The Myrtiotissa beach owns its name to the beautiful Monastery of Virgin Mary Myrtiotissa which is located just above it. It is an organized beach, totally unspoiled and unofficially nudist.

 It is located 17 km west of Ionian Islands Corfu Town. this beach is offered to you Partly-Organized, Sandy, Nudism-Friendly.

Once you reach Myrtiotissa, also you’ll have to continue through a long path that leads directly to the sand. Those who want to visit the friary will take the road that goes uphill. After 300 meters you’ll see the friary.

Rovinia beach

Rovinia Corfu: Rovinia is a beautiful beach located in the gorgeous area of Paleokastritsa. It is located 20 km from the main town of Corfu and it can be reachable by boat or through a hiking path from Liapades.

However, there has no tension for accommodation. because the closest accommodation can be found in Liapades, some path from the beach. you can enjoy here Pebbled, Secluded, Non-Organized. 

Rovinia is an imaginary spot with blue-green exotic waters and a magnificent rocky landscape with extensive vegetation on top of it. Nature lovers will surely admire this green paradise.

Bataria Kassiopi beach

Bataria Kassiopi Corfu: Bataria is a beautiful beach of Kassiopi, located 37 km from Corfu Town which makes an ideal setting for your summer holidays. Bataria is a small, organized beach but it distinguishes itself for its natural beauty and perfect views of the Albanian mountains. It gets pretty famous in summer with swimmers and divers.

The beach is very clean and the quiet and friendly environment makes it an ideal place for children and older people. Various accommodations, taverns, and bars are found at close distance, on the main street of Kassiopi. The most feature of the beach: Sandy, Family Friendly, Well-Organized

Kavos beach

Kavos Corfu: Kavos beach is the most popular resort in southern Corfu that is Located approximately 47 km south of Corfu Town. and Kavos Corfu is a busy place with travelers who hang out at the beach from the early morning until the late hours.  Kavos is regarded as one of the most active beaches on the island.

The large beach is covered with sand, Stone and it is fully decorated with tourist facilities, like sundecks and umbrellas. It is totally safe for children and all kinds of people due to the clean and shallow waters.

 Around Kavos, there are many beach bars, snack bars, hotels, and ‍any kind of shops. without this, there have many features like Party, Sandy, Well-Organized, Watersports, etc. and there has no accommodation problem.

Take pictures of nice places to enjoy your trip and collect memories. And use a monocular telescope with your mobile camera to take good pictures with your mobile.

Explore the Ionian islands Corfu with a tour

I am genuinely embarrassed how long it’s taken for this episode to get released, we wanted to include it as part of a mini-series with its Ionian neighbors that’s Kefalonia and Zakynthos. but there were several months between going and then I had other episodes. I wanted to do it in a certain order.

I had thought Ionian islands Corfu was a bit of a hairdresser’s holiday location. I mean you don’t ever hear someone saying they’ve gone to Kofu and then feel a sudden swell of admiration. do you like whoa how adventurous of you? but still, Jen and I had fallen in love with Greece, and just being basically anywhere Hellenic is bliss.

Corfu is about as far up the western coast as you can be without leaving Greece. in fact, the mainland border stops about two-thirds of the way up Corfu. leaving the northen chunk of the island facing Albania. 

Corfu Ionian Islands Greece

First day in Corfu

which we did sneak over to for a day but that’s a b plot of its own for the most part it’s quite along. then island and no shock tourism has a huge role here. we were going out in April. mainly because that’s when we found the cheapest flights.

 I had sort of assumed that. because this was so close to easter, that would mean there’d be a lot of activity from various countries. all decamping there for a break. but not to spoil the conclusion just yet.

this was a lot of a low season than I’d anticipated. our flight there we were very lucky as we looked all the way around Corfu and back up again. so I got all this beautiful aerial coverage of the island. yeah, that was a freevie. and Corfu airport is quite absurdly pretty. just look at it. 

yeah, I’m gonna just hold on to this shot. I don’t care what you think. okay, that’s really not true.

so the capital of Corfu is Corfu which means we are going to spend the rest of this episode doing the star wars colon. okay maybe about one hour of footage just of the buildings around town I just could not help myself. 

every street of ionian islands corfu just has such poetry to it, and it’s quite a labyrinth cars have to stop at the outer edge. and the streets are mostly too narrow to get a car down. the street layout does not have much of a plan to it. 

we found a handy little food store down a side street the first day but when we tried to go back there in subsequent days- we never ever found it again! Not for lack of looking just even though it’s not a very large area. the street plan just somehow got the better of us. our Airbnb was in a quiet little side street just opposite this beautiful Venetian well it was a nice location.

one our first day we did a little lap roughly around the perimeter of the old town. just to get a feel for the place while we are about it this large thing you keep seeing is the old fortress.

It’s a Venetian fort. and this is where releasing the episodes out of sequence comes back to trip me up.

so erm, ok. Guess I should explain. Jen and I first stumbled across these in Crete and mainland Greece. We didn’t go looking for them they were just in the towns we were staying at and we quickly learned this very straightforward maxim: If you follow the Venetian forts – you get to A-amazing places.

Easily the happiest memories of my adult life so far have been evenings looking out over the water in the towns with Venetian forts towering over them.

Second day in Corfu

the first day was just bliss like you have a vague notion of the place you are going to but then you actually get there and you breathe in and it’s so much more than you hoped.

there was even this mushroom cloud rising above the old fortress as the sun went down like someone had detonated an adorable pink nuclear bomb on the mainland opposite.

Remind me the explain euros later I am front-loading this episode with too many digressions.

day two, Now I got up super early to see the town. now I am not suggesting, I am telling actually do this don’t make excuses. get up super early and see the town. make one of the best memories you will have this year and thank me later because of all the mountains the sun takes a little longer to appear.

Like okay fine just give me more gorgeous footage if you insist. we were getting a bus to the western coast of the island.

 this is paleo castriza. the beach that had more syllables every time you try and say it there’s a monastery at the top of the rocks. which you know you can pretty much ignore in favor of the sweeping views. I mean I know me ignoring a monastery seems weirdly off-brand but what can I say it’s pretty modern. and it’s not anywhere as interesting as built.

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